More evidence of why the public hates lawyers

So what do you do if your $5 foot long from Subway is actually a little less than a foot long? Evidently at least one lawyer from New Jersey thinks that litigation is the appropriate response:

The two men – from Burlington and Ocean Counties – measured their footlongs after seeing allegations from others that the sandwiches are falling short….

It may be just a half inch to an inch, but Burlington County Attorney Stephen DeNittis says that’s about 45 cents a sandwich that Subway owes customers.

In addition to sending a private investigator to 14 locations throughout New Jersey, DeNittis said a customer in Philadelphia wants to sue in Pennsylvania after he had been shorted.

“Class actions are to correct mass wrongs that involve small damages,” DeNittis said. “It’s not about the money.”

Sounds like this guy really doesn’t have enough real work to do, or maybe needs a hobby. Seriously, the fact that some foot long sandwiches measure more like 11 1/2 inches is grist for a class action? This guy really thinks that its worth spending time, money, and judicial resources on this? And we wonder why the public takes such a dim view of our profession?


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