Dire times for Christians in Egypt

Srada Trifkovic has some interesting things to say about the danger that Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood pose to Christians in Egypt:

Joining us to talk about the ongoing plight of Christians in Egypt is Dr. Srdja Trifkovic.  He is Foreign Affairs Editor ofChronicles: A Magazine of American Culture . . . Are we seeing a reenactment of what happened with the Christians in Iraq, now in Egypt after the revolution?

ST: Yes, except that this time it’s happening much quicker than one would have expected. Mohamed Morsi has shown his true colors within weeks of taking complete power. The numbers involved, sadly, are much greater than in Iraq. The exodus of Christians from Iraq occurred in earnest between three and six years after the fall of Saddam, and affecting about 800,000 people. What we are looking at in Egypt is a community that, until not so long ago, had exceeded 10 percent of the population. Even with the steady exodus that had been going on in the final years of the Mubarak regime and in the first year and a half of the “Arab Spring,” I believe we are still looking at a community of 7-8 million. If they start leaving in significant numbers—and that is already happening—it may exceed the Iraqi tragedy by seven or eight times.

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