He Knows If You’ve Been Bad or Good

There is a very interesting story up on ABC’s website ( I assume the story ran on 20/20, but I did not see it) about the random street murder of a woman in Philadelphia (my home town) in May 2005. The story recounts the efforts of Phialdelphia police to track the killer using variously placed outdoor surveillance cameras. Some at the Post Office near where the crime occurred, some from the parking garage across the street, and others from various banks, department stores and the like. The story of how the Police pieced together what happened, where the path by which the suspect fled and more is a fascinating bit of forensics. I was as appalled as any other Philadelphian when this crime occurred. The randomness of it was chilling. But still, reading the ABC story, I can’t help but think about how litlle of our lives are private anymore.


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