Apple, Backdating and Hypocrisy

Professor Larry Ribstein has a very insightful post on the Apple options issue on his blog Ideoblog. Professor Ribstein raises the very interesting question of whether the Apple story would be bigger news, and whether business journalists and corporate “watchdogs” wouldn’t be more exercised over the story if we were talking about Jeff Skilling and Enron, or Bernie Ebbers and Worldcom, instead of Steve Jobs. Hey, Al Gore signed off on the Apple internal investigation, so all is above board, right? As I mentioned in an earlier post, and as Professor Ribstein states, the facts as they have been reported raise the serious question of whether Steve Jobs participated in acts of fraud. Al Gore signed off on a report that exonerated Jobs. Skilling and Ebbers are doing 25 years. Hypocrisy? You be the judge.

Source: Ideoblog


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