Scalia on Stage?

It appears that Justice Antonin Scalia is the subject of a stage production, fittingly titled “The Originalist” set to open at the Arena Stage in Washington. Playbill describes the plot of the play:

Here’s how the production is billed: “When a bright, liberal law school graduate embarks on a nerve-wracking clerkship with Justice Scalia, she discovers him to be both an infuriating sparring partner and unexpected mentor. How will their relationship affect one of the most incendiary cases ever to reach the nation’s highest court?”

I know that folks in D.C. are fairly self-obsessed and beset by the view that the capital is the very center of the universe and that whatever happens there is of world-shaking import. And I am as huge a fan of Justice Scalia as the next Federalist Society member. But a play based on a fictional intra-chambers conflict? Really?


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