Because Congress does such a great job with the stuff that IS within its authority …

It ought to branch out and stick its grubby fingers into some things it has absolutely no Constitutional authority to involve itself in. Like, say, whether NFL players use human growth hormone or other performance enhancing substances.

Last week brought the news that Supreme Overlord Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Reform and Government Oversight Committee (note – its NOT the House Reform and Professional Sports Oversight Committee) plans to hold hearings into the alleged use of HGH by NFL players. Good grief, these blowhards can’t even get out of their own way and find a way to reduce the never ending expansion of the federal government, and their going to start looking at the NFL? Heaven knows the NFL has its share of problems. The NFL is a financial success unparalleled in the history of professional sports – and possibly in entertainment history. But given the well-documented success of the feds in rooting out cheaters in major leage baseball (see Roger Clemens. Oh, wait …) we just know that the notwits in Congress can improve the product. And its not like they have anything better to do. On second thought, maybe we’re all better off if the boobs in Washington send their time screwing up the NFL and leaving the rest of us alone.


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