Fascists in the Lunch Room

So it seems that a federal “lunch inspector”, after inspecting a North Carolina pre-schooler’s lunch consisting of a turkey sandwich, apple juice, a banana, and potato chips (which by the way sounds to me like a pretty healthy lunch for a pre-schooler), informed the child that her lunch was inadequate because it did not satisfy government standards pertaining to what children in school are to be fed. The little girl was then directed to the lunch line, and forced to eat a “healthy” lunch, consisting of processed chicken nuggets. This episode would be pathetically funny if it hand’t really happened. Incidents like this should really be sufficient to scare the living daylights out of anyone with even the most modest of concerns about our out of control government. Why on earth is the fed era; government mandating what parents feed their children, and on what authority does the Leviathan presume to send inspectors jack jack-booted thugs into schools to “inspect” our children’s’ lunches? Is there really any doubt that the federal government in the Age of Obama fully intends to insert itself into every nook and cranny of our lives?


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