Right on Crime?

That’s the title, minus the question mark, of a new website launched by the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The site bills itself as “the sone-stop source for conservative ideas on criminal justice.” As a conservative, and as a lawyer involved in the representation of criminal defendants, I will confess to a little confusion over what these folks – contributors include such as Newt Gingrich, Ed Meese and Grover Norquist – hope to achieve. I mean, besides the preservation of the rights enshrined in the Constitution, what “ideas” do conservatives need on the subject of criminal justice? To the extent that they choose to focus on the increasing over-criminalization of ever increasing facets of our lives, and the persistence of prosecutors in pursuing cases against non-violent offenders for victimless crimes (see Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds & The D.C. Madam) then I am anxious to hear what the folks at “Right on Crime” can contribute to the discussion. To the extent, however, that they choose to pursue the well worn path of advocating for mandatory minimum sentences, rigid sentencing guidelines and longer sentences, then I fear that this venture will do neither the cause of true criminal justice reform, nor the conservative movement generally, a whole lot of good.

(Hat tip to Scott Greenfield)


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