Fumo Guilty

Former Pennsylvania State Senator Vince Fumo was convicted yesterday on all 137 corruption related charges in which he had been indicted. The Philadelphia Inquirer has a lengthy story regarding the verdict that can be found here. I am not surpised that umo was convicted, although I am slightly surprised that he was convicted on ALL counts. While Fumo appears to have some viable appellate issues, I would be stunned if his motion for a new trial were to granted, and even more stunned if the Third Circuit were to overturn the conviction. Bottom line is that Vince will almost certainly end up doing prison time. The Inquirer story indicates that prosecutors are expected to seek a sentence in the range o 10 years. I haven’t done the math, but I expect that 10 years might be a little below the guidelines range. Nonetheless, I would anticipate that the judge would impose a sentence of something less than that. More to come on this one.


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