Judith Regan Sued By Former Lawyers

I somehow missed this when the story first came out, but Judith Regan, who recently settled her wrongful termination lawsuit against News Corp., has been sued by the lawyers who represented her in connection with that litigation, the Associated Press reports. The two law firms that represented Regan claim that she stiffed them on more than $40,000 in fees, and that she cut them out of the settlement. Also named as a defendant is Hollywood lawyer Bert Fields, who evidently helped Regan negotiate the settlement. Fields calls the suit “utter hogwash” and has threatened to file a claim for malicious prosecution. I’m not privy to the inside details on this one, but I’d wager that the lawyers have the better of the argument. And methinks that Mr. Fields protests too much, and too clownishly, as he appears wont to do.


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