Blaming Denny Crane


The February 19 edition of The Recorder contains an article that reports on a recent panel American Bar Association panel discussion on lawyers and television during which at least one of the participants speculated that television shows such as “Boston Legal” have contributed to the low esteem in which the public purportedly holds the legal profession. Maybe I’m alone hers, but this seems silly to me. Does anyone really think to themselves “Gee, Denny Crane and Alan Shore are unethical, lie and sleep with their clients. I am now convinced that all lawyers are evil.” Of course they don’t. “Boston Legal,” “Law & Order” and shows like them are entertainment. The viewing public is smart enough to know that. We lawyers have given the public plenty of reasons to distrust us. Dnny Crane didn’t do this to us. We did it to ourselves, and we need to fix it ourselves. The first step is to stop blaming others, and to focus on our clients. Memo to the ABA – Denny Crane isn’t real. Denny Crane.


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