Exonerated Duke Lacrosse Players Prepare to Sue City of Durham

Courtesy of the Duke Basketball Report (I’m a Duke alum. Get over it.) comes the news that the three lacrosse players wrongfully accused of rape by Crystal Mangum are preparing to sue the city of Durham, North Carolina. Most interesting to me is the identity of the two lawyers representing the Duke Three, Brendan Sullivan and Barry Scheck. Both of these guys are heavyweights of the highest order. Folks of a certain age will remember Sullivan from his representation of Lt. Col Oliver North during the Iran-Contra scandal (“I’m not a potted plant.”) Scheck, of course, is one of the nation’s foremost DNA gurus, and a moving force behind the Innocence Project.He was, you will recall, a critical member of O.J. Simpson’s “Dream Team.” The involvement of these tweo tremendous lawyers suggests that the City of Durham has A LOT to worry about. Stay tuned.

Update: As always, KC Johnson at the Lie Stoppers blog has the skinny here and here.


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