“What office do I go to to get my reputation back?”

The title of this post is drawn from a quote from former Secretary of Labor Raymond Donovan who, after enduring a nine month long trial on corruption charges, was acquitted. The title quote was Donovan’s response to a question about whether he was happy with the verdict. The three Duke Lacrosse players who were falsely accused of rape by Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong can validly ask the same question. The North Carolina Attorney General is to be commended for not only dropping the charges against the Duke students, but for also stating clearly his conclusion that no attack occurred. In other words, not only is there insufficient evidence to convict, but there is no evidence that the attack even happened. The defendants, however, have been branded, their reputations have taken a blow. What will the State of North Carolina do for these boys to help them restore their good names? An apology would be a pretty good start.


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