Feds Move to Disqualify Fumo Lawyers

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported earlier this week that federal prosecutors have filed a motion asking US District Court Judge William Yohn to disqualify Vince Fumo’s defense lawyers. Fumo is represented by the legendary Dick Sprague and other lawyers from his firm, Sprague & Sprague. I’ve not yet had an opportunity to read the motion papers, but the allegations as reported in the Inquirer appear serious. Nonetheless, disqualification is an extreme remedy. I would be very surprised if Judge Yohn granted the motion, and expect the Sprague lawyers will contest this move ferociously. I am usually loathe to give Vince Fumo or anyone associated with him the benefit of the doubt, but I am guessing that the government has probably over-puffed the facts on which the motion is premised, and has in all likelihood overreached here, as prosecutors, especially of the federal variety, are wont to do.


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