Fumo Cries Politics

Vince Fumo’s lead lawyer, Richard Sprague, today claimed that his client’s indictment is all about politics, and claims that the investigation and indictments were instigated by the Bush Administration. I am as sympathetic as anyone else when it comes to the overzealousness of federal prosecutors. I happen to agree that federal prosecutors are political animals first and lawyers second, and are motivated primarily by political advancement as opposed to doing justice. On those points I would expect that Mr. Sprague and I would agree. I would tend to doubt, however, that there is anyone in the Bush Administration who has ever given much serious thought to the subject of Vince Fumo, let alone plotted to destroy him.  Mr. Sprague has made serious allegations. If he cannot back them up, his client may well become a guest of the federal government for a period of time. If that is the substance of Senator Fumo’s defense, I’d say he’s in trouble.


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