Rove Subpoenaed By Libby’s Defense Team

Michael Isikoff reports in Newsweek Magazine that Karl Rove, among others, has been sunoenaed to testify by Scooter Libby’s lawyers in the former White House aide’s perjury and obstruction of jusitce trial. Most of Isikoff’s report is the typical breathless, worhtless reportage that has characterized the case. An example is Isikoff’s repetition of the oft repeated, and throughly debunked, notion that the disclosure of Valerie Plame’s identity was possibly unlawful because she was employed by the CIA’s Directorate of Operations and her identity was thus classified. Mr. Isikoff is presumably a smart guy. He should know by now – and perhaps he does, but just doesn’t care – that there was no substantive crime committed here. If there was, there surely would have been indictments. Libby is charged with derivative crimes. Where’s the beef, Mr. Isikoff. In any event, the interesting bit is that Libby may compel Rove and other White House honchos to testify on his behalf. It certainly will be interesting to hear what Rove might say, especially in light of Ted Wells’ opening statement, in which he essentially argued that Libby was made a fall guy to protect Rove. Interesting indeed.


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