More Charges for Nifong, Indeed

News outlets are reporting that the North Carolina Bar has filed additional charges against Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifongbased upon his deliberate withholding of exculpatory DNA test results from the defense in the Duke rape case (see my earlier post on the possibility that these additionalo charges would be filed here). Mr. Nifong appears to be in truly deep doo doo. It is fact that prosecutors engage in ethically borderline behavior in almost every case, routinely withholding from defense attorneys information that is useful to the defense. But Nifong’s conduct, in its totality, is especially egregious. He compounded his misconduct by blatantly lying to the press and to the court, claiming that he had turned over all discoverable material, when he knew that he had not dine so. Some will say that this kind of behavior happens all the time. I think that those who say that are right. But Nifong got caught and should be punished. Disbarment would be appropriate.


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