The $100 Million Defense

grasso030929_175.jpgDick Grasso claims that his legal tab in the bitter litigation that he is engaged in with the State of New York over his compensation during his tenure as head of the New York Stock Exchange may have topped $100 million already, reports Bloomberg News. No joke. Now, I love Williams & Connolly, which represents Grasso. And Brendan Sullivan, the partner there in charge of the case was one of the main inspirations that drove me to law school (I still remember the “I’m not a potted plant” episode like it was yesterday). But $100 miilion to litigate a case on behalf of one guy (or maybe its two guys) is a boat load of money. I don’t think the Clintons ran up that kind of bill defending Bill’s impeachment, even including the vlaue of what was written off and what they improperly asked government lawyers to do for them. $100 million. Where do I find my Dick Grasso?

Source: WSJ’s Law Blog, which published this post.


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