A Cornucopia of Philadelphia Crime News

Several good stories in this morning’s Inky relating to criminal law. Without further ado:

Defense lawyer found naked with 14 year old girl. The facts aren’t good here.Hard to explain exactly why your naked with a 14 year old girl. And the guy has a record. Hey, I believe in the presumption of innocence as much as the next guy, but it would seem to take s good deal of suspended disbelief on this one. I’d think plea.

Strip club ownes indicted, expected to surrender. The owners of the gentlemen’s clubDangerousCurves have been indicted on a holy host of federal charges and are expected to surrender themselves to the FBI tomorrow. Looks like the usual federal hootenannny. 40 counts. Love the way those federal guys charge conservatively. Nice.

Merlino associste headed back to prison. Looks like one of Joey Merlino’s buddy’s may be headed back for a little more time on a parole violation. Seems he’s beenallegedly cavorting with some folks that the feds think are not appropriate companions for a former guest of thefederal government. Remember -when you leave on parole, the feds get to pick your friends.

More tomorrow.

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  1. April 12, 2007 | 6:43 pm

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