Duke’s President is a Hypocrite

22676497.jpgFox News has reported that Richard Brodhead, Duke University’s president (disclaimer: I am a Duke graduate. I do not believe that this fact has materially colored my view or analysis of the case against the 3 lacrosse players, but I wanted to disclose that. You may think differently, and if so, please call me on it when you believe I am showing inappropriate bias) has stated thazt he is relieved that the rape charges against the Duke Three have been dismissed, and that he hopes the remainig charges will likewise be dismissed. I will have A LOT more to say about this case. At this point, however, what I want to say is that I believe President Brodhead is a hypocrite. Read on below the fold. This is the man who was disturbingly silent when many in the press, and, most alarmingly, among the Duke faculty, publicly branded these men as rapists and worse. Not even any lip service to the presumption of innocence. He hung these kids – and the entire lacrosse team – out to dry. Now he hopes the charges will be dismissed? Rank hypocrisy. Next to Mike Nifong, Richard Brodhead is the person whose behavior in this case has been most deficient and the most disturbing. He has much for which to answer.

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  1. December 22, 2006 | 11:36 pm

    Don’t forget the dirty stripper. Her behavior is even worse than NiFong. Throw her in jail.