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Fascists in the Lunch Room

So it seems that a federal “lunch inspector”, after inspecting a North Carolina pre-schooler’s lunch consisting of a turkey sandwich, apple juice, a banana, and potato chips (which by the way sounds to me like a pretty healthy lunch for a pre-schooler), informed the child that her lunch was inadequate because it did not satisfy…


Amish Milk Farmer is a Threat to the Republic

The Washington Times today reported that the FDA has prevailed in its effort to stop an Amish farmer from selling natural, or “raw”, milk, to customers across state lines. Well thank God for that. There are clearly no greater threats than Amish farmers selling a natural product to willing buyers. Thank goodness the FDA is…


Judge Napolitano Nails It

I’m a huge fan of Judge Napolitano, and was an avid viewer if his show in Fox Business Channel. His ending message from tonight’s show – the last – is must viewing: