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Farewell, Speaker Boehner

From CNN: House Speaker John Boehner on Saturday offered to allow income tax rates for wealthy Americans to increase in exchange for spending cuts, tax reform and entitlement reform in fiscal cliff negotiations with the White House, according to a source familiar with the discussions. Boehner offered to allow tax rates to go up on…


Justin Amash is a fraud

If Representative Amash is in fact willing to consider “increased revenue” (red: tax increases) as a part of any fiscal deal with Democrats, then I am afraid that I am compelled to agree with Ryan McMaken: Justin Amash’s recent comment that raising taxes or increasing government revenues is all something he could be convinced to…


Philadelphia’s Fiscal Mess

In a great post on Philadelphia Magazine’s Philly Post, former news anchor Larry Mendte asks why there isn;t more outrage here in Philadelphia in response to the significant tax increases that City Council has dumped on us in what will surely be a losing effort to try and shore up the City’s woeful fiscal situation….