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PA Supreme Court remands Voter ID case

From the per curiam opinion issued today (you can access the full opinion here. Justice Todd’s dissent is here, and Justice McCaffrey’s is here: Thus, we will return the matter to the Commonwealth Court to make a present assessment of the actual availability of the alternate identification cards on a developed record in light of…


Argument on PA Voter ID Law

Is this morning at 9:30. I will be live blogging the oral argument, assuming the plug in I’ve installed for the purpose works (said with fingers crossed).


Pennsylvania Supreme Court Expands Scope of Attorney-Client Privilege

The Legal Intelligencer reports that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled, with Justices Eakin and McCaffery dissenting, that Pennsylvania’s statutory attorney-client privilege protects not only communications by the client to the layer but, also, communications from lawyer to client. The ruling effectively expands the privilege in¬†Pennsylvania¬†– the relevant statute appear t cover only communications from…