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Obamacare predictions?

We’re nearing the end of the Supreme Court term, and soon to come to come will be the much anticipated ruling on the “ObamaCare” case(s). I do not presume to posit myself as astute or learned an observer of the Court as, for example, my friends at ScotusBlog. But I’ll play the parlor game. Let’s…


Is Obamacare Doomed?

After watching this morning’s arguments on the individual mandate CNN’s legal analyst Jeff Toobin – a liberal – seems to think so. I will happily take his word for it.


Is this what they teach in Con Law class at Harvard?

So former Solicitor General and current Harvard Law School Professor tells us that the federal government could, if it were of a mind to, issue a mandate requiring Americans to buy vegetables, and that such a mandate would pass Constitutional muster (thankfully, the good Professor tells us that they couldn’t actually force us to EAT…