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Justice soon for Skilling?

According to CNBC, there might finally be justice for Jeff Skilling: Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling, who is serving a 24-year prison term for his role in the energy giant’s epic collapse, could get out of prison early under an agreement being discussed by his attorneys and the Justice Department, CNBC has learned. Skilling, who…


J.T. Skilling, RIP

This morning came the news that John Taylor “J.T.” Skilling, son of former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling, has died of an apparent drug overdose. My condolences, and prayers, go out to the Skilling family at this time of loss. One wonders whether Jeff Skilling might have been able to impact his son’s life in a…


Free Jeff Skilling

The United States Supreme Court took a substantial step toward doing just that yesterday when it vacated Skilling’s conviction under the federal “honest services” wire fraud statute, and remanded the case to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to determine whether Skilling’s conviction on other charges against him was so tainted by the government’s reliance…